hey I know this is a little late now I guess but its A NEW YEAR can you believe that a whole entire year just flew by now don’t worry im not going to get all cliché with you but 2015 is a clean slate and a fresh start. Out with the old and in with new and all that jazz. I can’t wait to see whats in store for the new year but lets rewind alittle with the help of YouTube…

yeah that was..  well that’s YouTube for you. Anyways last year was fairly mediocre for me and I know this year will be great and will be filled with many ups as well as the occasional down.

So 2014

I thought I would do a brief recap of the year in the celebrity world

 Ellen DeGeneres took an amazing selfie
Flappy Bird got taken down from the app store
Pharrell Williams spent a year wearing a now iconic hat
Vin Diesel danced to Katy Perry like a pro
Shia Lebouff is no longer famous and featured in art exhibition in L.A
NO MORE How I Met Your Mother


 Solange and Jay Z had a  fight on an elevator.. classy I know right.
Willow Smith got into bed with 20 year old actor  Moises Arias.
Justin Bieber repeatedly got arrested and lost many fans, before that we had #CutForBieber that was both insane and tragic.


Ellen Page came out as being gay as did Conner Franta
A super cat saved a kids life from a vicious dog attack…
Emma Watson gave an inspiring speech on feminism
James Franco went a tiny bit nutty and got nude  As well as the above many other celebrity related things and bits and bobs that happened in the world.
 But its time for a new year, new celeb madness and new goals for everyone. Be merry, Be the best you, you can be and HAPPY NEW YEAR

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