Onwards And Forwards


I brought a map today. I know what your’e thinking “so what” or “congrats..and your point is” but buying the map meant more to me then just buying a (massive) piece of paper that I stuck to my wall. buying my map was my first step.

first step to what? you ask well a while back I decided that my life would never truly be mine unless I lived how I and only I wanted to live. I have as you know loved the thought of escaping, not from my mum (who loves me dearly) nor my family. I just want to escape, go to somewhere new and be .. for lack of a better term I want to be free. And I said I wasn’t  hippie… oh well moving on my map is a symbol no I don’t mean like one of these
bioI mean a symbol like Augustus Waters’ pack of cigarettes. For anyone who is above the age of 25 or has been living under a rock lets just back track and talk about the magnificent film that is “The Fault In Our Stars”. by John Green, in it Augustus Waters carries around a  packet of cigarettes which he never lights or smokes. The packet is a metaphor, in the book and movie he puts “the thing that does the killing right between” his ” teeth, but never give(s) it the power to kill” him. I love the film so if you haven’t already go and watch the film or read the book
*cough cough* the books better *cough*

tumblr_n3zzxmSRzy1s9ncj4o1_500Anyhow back to my map again its my symbol of freedom of change and new beginnings which I thought was relevant considering new year and everything. Its also my beacon of hope, I hope to travel throughout  my life and this map, this (massive) piece of shiny paper is what will kick start my hopefully am
azing journey. Point being is I find it marvellous and humbling to know that something so tiny can a) start something of gigantic significance and b) can actually means so much to me.

To anyone who is or has gone back to school my sympathies go out to you

And also have a good day x




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