Its Not True

You know the “She’s broken, He’s Ok” quotes on tumblr. Yeah you know the one well I was thinking maybe they are wrong I mean there’s no quotes that say He’s Broken but Shes’ ok. A little while ago I was bored so I wrote a poem based on the stereotypical quote all teenagers love to turn to when they’re heart-broken:

“She’s hurt, He’s ok” 

Recently one of my friends broke up with her boyfriend for a silly reason (she was drunk when she did it so..) and seeing him upset made me think back to a poem I wrote on tumblr. At the time one of my male friends had gone through a breakup and every person I knew sided with the girl purely for the fact that the girl was seen as being fragile. But seeing that quote made me think, maybe he’s not ok. Boys can hide their actual feelings just as well as girls can and I know that as I am a girl I may not be accurate… I mean who knows how the opposite sex actually works but anyway here is my poem (I guess that’s what we’ll call it) on a break up.

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The Catch.

She’s broken, he’s ok.

Well maybe that’s not the case at all.

She treated him like crap, flirted with other guys,never spent time with him and used him.

“She’s the best thing in my life” he said.

“He’s temporarily in my life” she said.

Did she even care?   He did.

Yet he is the one experiencing the dirty looks and comments because,

He broke up with her. He couldn’t handle being hurt by her anymore.

“It’s just a joke” she would say when other boys tried to kiss her.

One boy tried more than that and succeeded.

An argument broke out.

“They’re my friends” he’s insecurities were overlooked by her because he was a boy.

A man. ‘they don’t have feelings’

Men – Mars and  Women – Venus

 He looked at her and whispered

“Amanda I’m done”

So if ”she’s broken” and “he’s ok” she only has herself to blame…

She let a good one get away



    1. Now that I re-read your poem, I see that you are using your imagination and taking the male perspective. We all benefit when we try to imagine what others may think or feel. Empathy is so important.

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    2. Both there was this guy a broke up with and everyone took pity on me but I felt sorry for him because he really seemed to like me but I didnt feel the same. ANd recently My friend broke up with his girlfriend and many people treated him differently because of it which I thought was ridiculous especially considering she showed some of the traits the girl in my poem showed.

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        1. That is exactly what I was trying to prove, there often isn’t one right and one wrong person in a break up theres two people. Your feedback shows I got my point and views across which is great and you seem really understanding. 🙂

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