I have a lot of catching up to do. well basically in short my laptop had a little melt down but is all better now (shout yay and fingers crossed it stays that way) so I have sadly been away from WordPress and the blogging 101 tasks but I’m back and ready for some action.

KUNG FOO FIGHTING – go on you know you want to hear the song

Anyway back to the tasks at hand so blogging 101 want us to “connect the dots” so here goes my first post after what feels oddly, like a very long time.

“once they knew the vampires werent invincible,how many of them would really co-operate…”


once three people form a group, they lose their own individual thoughts and feelings and begin to act as one and think as one. Not sure how this is linked into vampires but hey lets roll with it. So for instance the riots that happened back in 2009. The reason for the mass destruction is because everyone began thinking as one rather than thinking and acting on their own. For more in-depth info head over to Darren Browns website.

Sorry for the short post but there will be another one coming tomorrow until then,

See You Soon,




  1. Hi S. , I´m also very much behind with my blog but am catching up … Only thing is , I found out that ´connecting the dots´ is not a task of blogging 101, but just from the Daily Post. Leaving a comment on a blog is a task from this week though and by now I have done that. By the way I do enjoy your writing.

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