I’m Scared!

Today at my wonderful school we went to a careers fest, now I know what you’re thinking

“Boo who cares”

But thats the thing I went had fun and it was only as I was getting back onto the bus that reality hit me. THIS IS MY LIFE. This right here is my life, I can’t fast forward and I can’t go backwards and so, whilst everyone (and I mean everyone) has a rough Idea of what they want to do in the future I’m over here with nothing. Nadaa. Zero. Squelch.


I want to be a director but as many people,including close friends and family. have pointed out. That line of work is really hard to get into and they think a different job would suit me better. The problem is as its my last year I’m worried about my life after school about my friends. I’m the kind of person whom is good being alone or with a group of people but the thought of my friends, the people I’ve grown up with for over five years are leaving me, fills me with sadness and worry. Its all well and good saying

We’ll know each other forever

But the problem is I’m not sure I will.I seem to go into over drive when I begin worrying and thinking, So yeah. Rant over its worrying being a teen and not knowing what you want in life when everyone else does. But I guess its like that at any age… Let me know





  1. I won’t say “I was a teen once and blah blah blah”, but I Was once, and all those feelings, you’ll learn that they have happened for a reason. I still don’t know what I am doing, or going to do – and I believe half the adults around the world don’t know either πŸ˜›
    they are just going with the flow. No one has EVERYTHING in their control. And neither will it ever be. I wont tell you to go with the flow infact I hope you fix yourself on a goal and Follow it; break down the walls that come in your way – I wish you’ll be an awesome director πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you that means so much and Its nice to know that I’m not going to be lost forever then. Thanks for not being patronising πŸ™‚ and I wish you good luck on your journey to


  2. It *is* like that for any age. I’m almost 25 (eek, scary) but I only came out of eduction at 23! Even then, after all of those years, I wasn’t sure which direction to go in.

    All of those people that knew exactly what they wanted and had a plan, brilliant – but that wasn’t me. For me, everything just fitted into place. I could finally *LOOK* at what was out there and found occupations that I hadn’t even considered.

    Friends do come and go, you will make new friends during each stage of your life, but those that are really precious to you, you can hold on to.

    I truly hope that you find your path πŸ™‚


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