New Project…


Today I brought a pretty big scrapbook and theres nothing quite like buying something you know will be amazing in the future. Gives me the same feeling looking at this currently blank scrapbook, as it does looking at my MAP. Opportunity, I see a large range of opportunities. My only problem is where to start… If you’ve ever had a “wreck this journal” or any book by keri smith, then you’ll know the excitement you feel looking at the book and knowing you’re going to turn it into something amazing. You’ll also know the tiny regretful feeling you feel “wreck” the first page. And this is the reason as to why…

ITS PERMANENT. You may not experience the emotions/ feelings mentioned above when you draw on a new book but the reason I do is because its permanent. Now I know what you’re thinking

“Yes its meant to be permanent, thats the point”

But just hear me out. I don’t like permanent because that means that you can’t change it, Lets go with the book idea. If you can’t change it then that means its only captured that one second in time, its only captured how you felt in that instant. But this post was meant to be about my new project not my mini pointless rant.

Please feel free to comment some ideas of what I should fill my new scrapbook with because believe me its BIG meaning it will take a lot of time. But I am looking forward to it. By the way I have had very limited sleep but I’ll be focused tomorrow so until then…

Bye For Now,



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