Cinematic Language

The Journey Begins

Arrival of a Train at a Station, Lumiere Brothers (1895) – This can be regarded as the emergence of the language of film with use of techniques like – framing, establishing shots special effects.
A Kiss in a Tunnel, George Albert Smith (1899) – This was the beginning of editing and with it narrative development. The film was also remade in the same year with the same narrative but alternative shots, it also pushed boundaries of acceptance with a more raunchy kiss scene featured.

Fire!, James A. Williamson (1901) – Effects were pushed here with the use of real fire on set which was extremely dangerous because at this point film was highly flammable. It also showed a second exterior shot that established further narrative to this film. This was then remade again in the film Life of an American Fireman in 1903. In 1903 there is also the film…

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