I have decided…

novel ideaI have decided to write a book, for all the wrong reasons….

My friend is in the process of writing his novel that he has worked hard on and for that, his dedication and commitment I am very proud of him for. Suddenly a singer/song writer tweeted him and before he knew it his being offered guidance, an agent and luxuries I can only dream of and its all amazing however… Being the kind of person I am I want to have a go.


I know I said I’m doing it for the wrong reasons but I have for a while actually wanted to do it, my friends success has just pushed me further into doing so. The reason I wanted to talk to you and decided to tell you rather than having it like “project p” (a secret… Coming Soon) is because I’d like your thoughts and opinions on characters, setting and all that jazz plus I’d love to hear your ideas of what genre to attempt (key word attempt) and where, what, who, when and how so please feel free to say anything you’d like because after all your opinion is what really matters!

To get inspiration for my characters and settings I’ll start reading some books from my Goodreads list you should head over there and keep tabs on what I’m reading and read it with me, or just find a book and start reading it, its fun I promise. Get in touch and if you’re reading a book you love at the moment please suggest it, I love trying out new things especially books. Oh I just remembered also, if you’re writing a book and either want some feedback or just… I don’t know anything feel free to either email me at : secretparade44@gmail.com to leave it in a comment on my “What a NOVEL Idea” Page



  1. Great idea! I started writing a novel a year ago… it’s about 75% finished. But unlike previous attempts, I’ve been able to leave this alone every now & then and come back to it when I’m in the mood. Maybe I’ll send you the first couple of chapters & see what you think..? šŸ™‚


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