Hey I’ve been away for soo long and I’m really sorry, but I’ve been ill and school is insane but the main thing is I’m back and I thought I’d kick-start my project “What a Novel Idea” by sharing with you the beginning of a story I wrote not that long ago, if you’d like to see the rest let me know in the comments below but for now, here’s the story…


I ran my hand through my short blonde hair, ‘we couldn’t be that far away from the sign could we’ I thought to myself

“we’re going to get lost ky” I turned around to see Rachel playing with the necklace I had brought her over two years ago, when we first started dating. I saw it and thought of her, it was silver and had a small green gem hanging onto the bottom of the necklace. The gem was as green as her eyes, that is another reason I brought it for her. She couldn’t see her beauty but I could, she did however admire that necklace. When I brought it for her I told her that it was as beautiful as she was and if she ever needed a reminder that she was perfect she should just look down at the necklace.

“I couldn’t get lost if I tried Rach calm down, I’ve been roaming these woods since I was old enough to walk” she folded her arms and looked at me in disbelief,I stared at Rachel and tried to imagine my life without her, without her wavy auburn hair, without her deep green eyes or her fiery personality. I shivered at the thought , I never wanted to be without her.

“why are you looking at me like that ?”

“oh you’ve got something on your face right, no right here, let me get it” I touch her cheek and look into those deep green eyes. I would never admit it but I needed her more than anyone or anything in the world. She was the one person I could always count on. I pulled her into me and hugged her tightly, Nina had recently asked me what I was going to do when we split up but I didn’t want to think about that, I was still under the impression that maybe we could have forever. Together.It Seemed like a possibility more and more each day, after all my aunt Clara and uncle Steve started dating when they were 14.

“Turns out it was just your face Rach” I said whilst I pulled the silly face I knew she hated

” haha funny Ky, I hate you sometimes ”

” And I love you all of the time” I grabbed her hand and we walked hand in hand until we got to the tree that marked we were fifty-five steps away from the “secret spot” I bent down and moved the leaves that were covering the sign that was nailed into it which read, “shh” being surrounded by this much nature was breathtaking, I couldn’t understand why Rachel didn’t just trust that I knew where I was going and take in all the beautiful scenery, she would be able to get here herself if it wasn’t for the fact that she hated being alone in the forest. We were surrounded by gorgeous green trees. Everything was perfect.

” see Rachel not that long left fifty-five steps probably even less than that” I bent down to get a closer look at the sign, we were so young when we nailed the sign into the trees roots. I began to trace the lines of the word “shh” what an odd word the rest of the gang decided to choose, personally I wanted to carve “secret place >” but we voted and I was outvoted.

” hey Rach don’t you think we should have gone for my idea about the sign…Rach?” I turned around only to find Rachel was not behind me, or anywhere. She disappeared into thin air, I looked towards my right and was greeted by a sea of endless trees. I looked to my left and got the same result

” RACHEL? Where are you…babe This isn’t really funny. You’re meant to let the other person know that they’re playing hide and seek” I looked around for what seemed forever. Maybe she got tired of waiting and went ahead, or maybe she went home. I pulled my phone out and searched for her number in my contacts. Her phone went to voice mail each time I called it.

” Rach its me if you wanted to go ahead or home you should have just said… Anyway call me when you get this” I guessed she was more likely to go ahead than go home now, after waiting twenty minutes more, I started the fifty-five steps it took to get to the ‘secret place’



I could see nothing but black and it was becoming harder for me to breathe. Breathe, lungs work. I could hear low whispers then I couldn’t see or hear anything at all.



The reflection in the mirror looked like me but didn’t feel like me, we had the same dark blue eyes, the same pixie like face. We even shared the same black high wasted shorts, white shirt and black high tops, but I didn’t feel like we were the same at all. Something needed to change. ‘I’ll dye my hair a different color that will help’ I thought to myself, I brought two dyes with Tilly even though she said keep it blonde as ‘blondes have more fun’ I wanted to cut it to maybe just a trim maybe more like Rachel’s. I loved Rachel’s hair it was the perfect kind of brown, not like mine, my hair was a ‘beeline honey’ tone and although most people would love to have my hair, I would kill for Rachel’s hair. Her looks just about anything.I heard a low voice coming from the other room.

“hey Nick is Rach here… I came with her, well we went to the woods together and then she left” Kyle was here. Kyle was one of my closest friends, most people said we looked like we were related, I think that was based on the fact that he and I both shared Blonde hair and blue eyes. We also had the same face shape and we both had Rachel. As well as the others. Our real difference was he was a boy and I was a girl. I closed the old wooden door, I still could not believe we found this place. Nicholas, Tilly and I were running around playing cops and robbers like we always did, then one day we decided to go into the woods. That was when we came across the cottage, it was fully functional and supervising clean. We looked around and found no signs or anybody living in the cottage, so we claimed it ( like we claimed many things and places back in those days) as ours. We placed a flag in the window and brought the others to the new hide out. We were only ten at the time, Six years flew by fast. I turned back to the mirror, maybe Tilly’s right, my dad wouldn’t be happy about my hair but its my body therefore I should be able to do what I like to it. ‘Knock knock’ Bobby stood in the doorway of the bathroom.

“Hey Nina what you doing?” Bobby was Kyle’s older brother, unlike Kyle bobby had blonde hair and deep hazel eyes that seemed to always express kindness and compassion. Bobby was the one we all went to if we had any troubles, I guess that could be because he was a year older than us.

“Bobby I want to change something about myself, but I don’t know what to change see my problem..I was thinking maybe dye my hair redish-brown yknow like Rachel’s” Bobby stepped into the bathroom and looked into the mirror, he moved a curl of his hair out of his face and just stood there looking in the mirror.

” Nope I don’t understand” Bobby moved away from the mirror to face me. He folded his arms and looked down at me for the longest 10 seconds of my life

“what?!?” I asked

“I just can’t understand why you’d want to go and fix something that doesn’t need fixing so my advice is don’t dye your hair the same color as your friends because that wont enable you to be her, you’ll still be you” I looked at Bobby, then the mirror then the hair dye, in a sense I guess he was right. Maybe I was doing it for the wrong reasons

“Ok maybe you’re right” Bobby nudged me with his arm and picked up the dye

“Besides” he said while flushing the dye down the toilet “Deep down Kyle prefers blondes” Bobby winked then left the room, why would I want to change for Kyle?

So yeah that was a story I wrote beginning of this year, I completely forgot about it until a couple of days ago so youre welcome. Leave a comment and some feedback and until then,

See You Soon.



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