Hey now before you get all annoyed and start claiming I abandoned you hear me out ok. With revision and friend drama it seemed that oddly I had no time for other things. But now I am back and I have loads of ideas I cant wait to write and share with you all. So firstly todays topic. Friendships… firstly the definition of a stereotype..




gerund or present participle: stereotyping

  1. view or represent as a stereotype.

    “the city is too easily stereotyped as an industrial wasteland”

    synonyms: typecast, pigeonhole, conventionalize, standardize, categorize,

Thanks google so now back to my actual topic, We all have certain friends that just fit into specific stereotypes, for example we all have that friend who looks Chinese but isn’t. And there’s nothing wrong with that, we all have that friend who is never called by their actual name and we all have that one friend that will go to any party as long as there is food. I was talking to my friends and realised that I am a stereotypical friend, by this I mean that I am one of these friends that we all have, what stereotype am I you ask well I’m basically the psychiatrist.


So what does this friend type do? well he or she is the person that handles your problems and often snaps you back into shape when you’re down, angry or just worried about life. Not to sound too vain or anything but that is me in a nutshell. So if this is you and you’re sat thinking ‘whyyy why me’ then I’ll tell you the ideas and reasons I have found that led me to be one of the many stereotypes I am today (the third being is because you are an actual psychiatrist).. So reason one.

1) It is because you are the kind of person who shows people that you have your life together, even if you don’t. You are the kind of person that will get through things without needed to be told or advised that things will only get better. You are the kind of person that can just keep on moving through life even when other people tell you it is not possible, because of your calm and collective nature your friends and family will see it as “You have your life together so help me get mine together” sometimes it’s nice being depended on but sometimes it’s just a bit much … However this is not the reason as to why I think my friends see me as their go to psychologist. So reason two

2)Because you like to know what’s going on in the world or your friends lives. Your very observant and just know when something’s bit quite right.

Hope you liked this brief post I will be posting at least every other day

See soon,




  1. Thank you for replying. I pray that God will continue not just to put amazing people in my path, but to keep the ones already in my life.
    Talking about friends, I think we could be nice friends. I love music, and you like a lot of the same music I do. I Love Ed Sheeran <3… And I always wanted to visit England. I got to come to New England for 18 months.

    If you want to talk some more you can email me on
    Let me know.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really liked this short post. I think I am that friend too.
    This makes me miss my friends :):
    Growing up, my friends were my support so many times. I was away from my family a lot of the time, and my friends were my family.
    I really believe that God placed every single one of my best friends in my life.

    Do you believe that God puts special people in your path?


    1. yeah and I’m glad to see other people have the same/similar thoughts and feelings I do. I really do consider my friends to be my family and im increasingly grateful I have such amazing friends. I hope you stay friends, with your friends forever and that God sends some more amazing people your way. If you’re anything like me you’ll love every second. Thanks for taking the time to read the post, it was my sort of “im back post” as well So I really appreciate the feedback. Hope all goes well.
      Best wishes,
      S xx


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