Being Ill


Being ill is not fair! Often the one day your I’ll is the day when your school has a party or someone in your workplace has birthday. Point is some drama happens while you’re away and you miss it.

I rarely take time off but the last time I did, while I was having soup and trying to recuperate, my friends were out having well just a day out. And ok that may not sound exciting but it was because whilst they were out, they bumped into… Well there was a little bit of drama. And beihg the typical teen i am.. gotta llve a bit of drama.But it wasn’t fair I had to hear the funny story of one friend trying to avoid another person and well just random bits that happened from my friends rather than first hand witnessing it.

I’m not saying “I must be there for every event and place that my friends go to” no I’m just saying in that particular occasion I missed the drama. Then today again I missed school drama…to put it short food was thrown and people got covered in pasta and tomoto


Maybe it’s just my luck. One of my friends is mainly sick when we have a class test. Which is obviously bad because they then miss out on a test and getting to see what they need to improve on but at the time when youre in that class struggling along, knowing that your friend is sat comfortably at home. They seem like the lucky ones. So theres my first non sensual random post. Hope you liked it.

See You Soon,


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