So Hello …Part 2

I don’t want to explain this post because the person it’s about confuses me so I hope you like it and at the end I might tell you who its about…Enjoy

So Hello,

I hate how you act. I hate how you are. I hate what you believe in. But if you changed it would be dangerous for me. My head and heart would go to war and I don’t want that. Knowing you’ll never change is what makes it so that everything will be ok and so that the things you say don’t bother me. In one ear and out the other. What worries me is the hold you have on me,you are literally a drug. I can’t seem to go a day without you and that is dangerous especially considering…well we both know what’s coming next in your life and that’s fine… For you. But I’ll have no-one to tell everything and nothing to. It seems fine now and you can make empty promises but why do that, we both know the truth. But that’s ok. Or at least it would be if you didn’t know me like you do, I can hide anything and everything to other people but you don’t let me hid things and it’s not fair. And then you act like…well like you. You’re like my best friend and worst enemy wrapped into one. The sad thing is your becoming more and more like an enemy.Why would you do that to me,it’s always one step forward and four back with you, nothing is every straight forward. A complication. One big complication is what you are…you know too much that’s what makes you dangerous but in the beginning it was good. I wanted you to know everything but… now you do and I can’t hide and lie anymore. See its hard to say I hate you because I’d only be lying to myself. We aren’t friends but we are far closer than enemies…so what are we?


So it’s about an ex that turned into one of my closest friends… I’m going to be vague in the post but feel free to ask me any questions either here or on my askfm : SecretParade

See You Soon,




  1. Hi, I just found your blog (thanks for following me on Bloglovin, by the way), and I really like it! I’ve never been able to become friend with an ex… For me, when a story is closed, it’s closed. But I admire you for doing that!

    Ellie from


    1. It’s cool I really liked your blog. The ex I’m talking about wants to join the army and his one of my closest friends so yeah. I think being friends can be a bit weird but we’ve known each other for so long and we were friends before so I didn’t really want to lose a good friendship. Thanks for commenting 🙂


      1. Once I end up in a relationship with a guy that at the moment was my best friend. I think I confused the feelings, probably, and it didn’t last. We were really good friends before and I hoped to be able to have that back, but he was still too hurt and I didn’t want to interfere with his life, so I let him go… Sometimes I still wish I could be friend with him again, but I don’t even see him around anymore. But reading your post and your comment makes me happy cause I’m glad that you succeeded in it 🙂 …even if it can be hard sometimes…


        1. I never actually thought of it like that,I mean from his perspective. I think there was one occasion were we both started liking each other again (as more than friends) but we kinda both knew we were meant to be friends nothing else. I wouldn’t say I’ve completely successeeded but I think our friendship should last…For now at least. I think the one problem I have is other people assuming that we want to get back together because we talk to each other. You sound like a great person I’m glad my post brought you some,of any happiness.


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