Start of something …Old?

Whenever I decide upon a new potential career option I commit to it and start researching or learning the skills I will need for that particular job. For example last year around september time I wanted to be a psychiatrist and so I google “qualifications you will need to be a psychiatrist” another example is a 6 months ago after watching Now You See Me starring the gorgeous Dave Franco, I wanted to have a job that was associated with magic

Honestly once I had an idea I then began to research how to do basic card tricks and coin tricks. I learned a few but recently my new dream career is to become a film director. I’ve wanted to do this before but when I thought about it then I had no means of actually accomplishing it and it’s always been at the back of my mind, but now I have a way of accomplishing it.

A group of people and I were recently thinking why don’t we shoot a short film. And I thought why not, it could give me/us some experience with the shooting and filming process so today I’m adding ‘create a short film’ to my Bucket List. I’m really excited about this idea so far we have a few rough ideas that include plot,characters and themes but feel free to comment some ideas of your own  🙂 I think the short will help as well because if I enjoy the experience then I will then be able to go on to make more plans and more short films with the hopes of improving the equipment, but if I don’t enjoy the experience… well I can always find a new career aspiration 😉


See You Soon,



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