so found this post and although its fairky old its still as rrue as it was then so here you go

It has been scientifically proven, music can lift your spirits when your feeling down. We all like different types of music e.g rock, pop, R&B, dub step… Just to name a few but most of us feel the same way/react the same way.

When you hear your favourite song your first reaction is to jump up, start singing or make some form of movement towards the beat. Personally Music affects my mood a massive amount. When I’m sad I tend to listen to songs by artists such as lana del rey or paramore but when I’m happy I tend to listen to adventure club or ed sheeran.

There’s also certain songs I listen to when I’m in a certain mood. E.g I listen to Skrillex -bangarang when I wake up as it starts my day off with me feeling slightly more willing to get up and out of my warm, cost bed.


Certain music, when it comes on reminds you of certain memories. For instance I cannot hear the song who’s that chick – by rihanna without thinking about my friends and summer.

See Soon,


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