people come up with thousands of game ideas everyday and one day Dong Nguyen- creator of flappy birds. Decided to make flappy birds the most annoying game ever. The aim of the game is keep the little bird flying without hitting the pipes. This game has been done before with various other objects e.g the helicopter version where the aim is to fly without hitting the clouds. This is an example of an addictive game, you know those games you just can’t stop playing.

I remember a time when I was surrounded by my friends, there was a whole table of us yet no one was talking or interacting they were all just playing flappy bird…

I myself did not find flappy bird that interesting and was happy to find it had been taken down from the App Store so that rather than ignoring each other my friends and I could have conversations, flappy bird free. I am not blaming flappy bird or it’s creator but I find it curious how we can get so caught up and completely mesmerised by a game . For instance candy crush Saga.


 Candy crush saga is just like bejewelled and other “swap items to make the other items disappear” games. Everyone is obsessed with the game and constantly I get asked “can you send me tickets and lives…” Personally I don’t really like that game either but I know from the amount of hours my friends and family are putting into the game. candy crush is another addictive game.

There are loads more of addictive games that I have noticed many people around me are playing e.g temple run, doodle jump, but the last three games I am going to mention are two games that I am finding myself becoming quite interested in, because of their simple tasks and the background sounds

Number one is smash hit

I find this game good for when I’m just standing or sitting and waiting for something or someone. The aim is to smash your way through the obsticles. I think people find games like this and doodle jump fun because they are quick and easy to play, they are very simple to play plus often get fast paced which can make games such as these intense and interesting.

The second game I have been playing recently is a very odd game called don’t hit the white tiles


The aim of the game is to … Well not hit the white tiles. It’s harder than it sounds as, when you tap each black tile the game gets faster and faster.

and lastly Daddy Long legs which is a game where you  try to move your legs to get across each line…the game is very straight forward and I think that’s what makes addictive games often addictive, because they are straight forward and involve achievements and sounds that encourage you to re-try and keep playing until you’ve done it right.

well that was just a quick post that I’ve wanted to write for ages. See you Thursday for a new post, leave suggestions of what I should write next in the comments 🙂

See You Soon,



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