Bad Friendships


Hey I’m sure by now many of you have probably experienced this by now. When your friend gets a boyfriend/girlfriend and then you get to know the new person, you all become friends and it’s just great… But then they break up

And in theory you now have to ditch the new friend, stay with your old one and help them through the theory well I decided I was going to try and be friends with both members of the break up. It seemed like a good idea up until the moment when they both started telling me they had feelings for one another but didnt/couldn’t get back together due to various reasons.

I think the fact that they both stated to like each other may have been my fault a little as I occasionally told the boy how the girl was doing and vise versa. Fact is now they don’t like each other (I don’t think) but I think they could again. It’s hard being friends with both of them when all I want to do is sit them down and tell then to get back together but I know it’s more complicated than that…

I just want then both to be happy and it's annoying because in the only one that can see that they both make each other happy but I guess my part in this is to be an honest friend who is there for both of them.

See You Soon,


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