MusicMonday .4

It’s Monday yaay it’s Monday. I hate Mondays always have always will however today I am actually in a good mood and ready to give you my opinion on music.

Today I wanted to talk about people and music. So If you play ed sheeran around me, the 1975, the neighbourhood or paramore automatically I love you and will most likely come and talk to you (don’t do this stranger danger) and today I noticed one of my friends friends (Ashton) was stood a little bit away from me and my other friend (jack) whilst jack and I were talking I was playing hoizer “take me to church” yes I’m still obsessed with that song. But anyway in the corner of my eye I could see Ashton nodding along to the music and when I played “ain’t it fun” by paramore he started whistling. So what I am trying to say is you can have nothing in common with someone but music and you would be ok because everyone loves music and it’s something that you can share.
Have a good Monday

See You Soon,



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