Pretty Little Fail


so about a year ago I started watching pretty little liars. and for some unknown reason (probably some drama between aria and era) I stopped just randomly stopped. then they brought out even more seasons meaning I had to catch up which obviously, me being the lazy person I am, wasn’t ideal. so last week I decided I would catch up. I bet you’re wondering why I am so angry and why at 9pm yesterday I called my best friend Ky and had a massive go at him (meaning I kinda shouted down the phone then hung up rather abruptly) well it is because he told me who A is.

Now for anyone who does not watch pretty little liars then well. Fair enough it a great series at first then it seems to kinda go off at a randomish tangent so really I don’t blame you, anyway my initial point was that I had been watching pretty little liars and when I watch a series I fully immerse myself into it, it becomes my obsession,my wants my desires it’s all I can think about. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep..without pretty little liars. Ok so im exaggerating a tiny bit but my point is I genuinely really liked it then as im on season two (there’s like 6 seasons) and im on a certain episode I realise that A is introduced to us in that episode because earlier that day ky told me who A was. So you can guess what happened next… what no of course I didn’t just calmly carry ln watching the series pfft that would have been the mature and normal thing to do but who wats to be normal…so naturally I pulled my headphones out of my ears quit Netflix, dialled my friends number and before he could even say hello I was already shouting at him and telling him we are no longer friends etc.

I know what you’re thinking

“S that’s not very mature and you’ve now lost a friend”

but A) all my friends know not to tell the ending of a series especially one I love and b) I haven’t actually lost him he knows im being deady serious in the sense that im upset but he knows we’re still friends, we argue over media all the time #ThePerksOfHavingAgayBestFriend joking. I think all in all I just hate it when people ruin the plot for m which is why I’m not going to tell you who a is but instead ask you this (answer a question and I’ll give you a shout out over on twitter)

what if A was Aria would you be surprised?

What if Alison dreamt the whole of pretty little liars up and none of it really happened #LOST. wold you be annoyed?

What if Jenna was never blinded would she be on the girl’s side or still the bad side?

What if A was the Girls parents ?

See You Soon,



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