Hey so I had a very odd dream…

And this happens to me often, I wake up and I’m left feeling an intense emotion, I won’t go into detail about the dream I had but what I will say is that I was left thinking to myself “what if I’m making a mistake” In your dreams you see faces of people you know really well and some that you’ve seen once in your life. Anyways in this dream I ended up trying to kiss a clown and locking my friend in a room with another friends ex boyfriend. Often my friend and I try and decipher what our dreams mean (because we have nothing better to do) and with one of my slightly more sinister dreams we came to a conclusion that in the near future I was going to have an unhealthy relationship that my friends would try and break me out of. The problem with dreams is that you don’t know what they actually mean. Do they actually mean anything at all? or are there so your brain can just shut off and sort through stuff whilst you sleep.

Can your dreams actually give you hints about your days, weeks or years ahead? and if so how much of the dream is actually relevant. In one of my dreams I had a child with a famous person and I called the child Noah. Noah was my ideal child he was perfect in just about every way. Because of that dream I now love the name Noah..so without coming off topic too much I know my dreams seem to influence me a lot for example when I had a dream that my best friend killed me because she felt like we weren’t close enough (long story) the next day I tried talking to her a tiny bit more…I have completely gone off topic…my brains a tiny bit fried but the ideas I’m trying to get across should work… Hopeful

So was my friend right? Was my dream giving me insight into my future. My friend also had a dream, she dreamt that a relative of hers had cancer and did not want to take any treatments. I guessed that perhaps her dream was just telling her to spend more time with the people she loved, however her relative had already had a cancer scare a year before, maybe her dream was foreshadowing what is to come

Without trying to scare anyone … I guess what I’m trying to say is that dreams in most peoples opinions definitely mean something the trouble is trying to decipher what they mean. You can buy books about what certain objects or symbols mean but I have found this to be a pointless method as I am still left with unanswered questions

If you have a dream about fulfilling a certain want then maybe you should. Listen to it and fulfil that want in your waking life. Apart from that Im not sure if I honestly think that most dreams are just dreams , just ways of your brain shutting off and sorting through things while your body rests or if it’s a way of your brain suggesting the next path you should go down in your life.

See You Soon,


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