Open When (01)

Yay it’s April. Except September, the month my birthday is in, I think April is my favourite month. Probably because normally in England we have April showers and as everyone who came from my old weebly blog would know, I love love love the rain. So my scrapbook project has failed until today. That’s right I found it again and yes I have started the project again. By that I just mean I plan on starting/restarting scrapbooking. So one thing I liked to do was a page of “open when youre…” letters but to myself because you know why not. So without further ado I will show you the purposely messy letter I wrote myself today. I’ve written quite a few but this one was a short one. I would show you the “open when youre 17” one I made in January but a)it’s personal and b) I’m not 17 yet. But here’s the “open when youre feeling like a disappointment” letter



Hope you enjoyed it and you write your own letters to yourself haha not sad at all

Seee You Soon,




    1. Haha thanks James but it’s not a sure. Thing you’re definitely going to become an amazing famous writer but I’m not sure what I’ll do but I think this month I’m really going to try and not worry. Let the wind take me to where I need to go 😁✌


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