Yep so I’ve accepted my hipster ways and im embracing them. In the past two weeks I have been on a long “photography trip”type thing before you say anything let me explain. My friends and I decided we wanted to take some awesome pictures and film of oxford and other odd bits and bobs along the way so we went out for I think about fuve-six days in total and just took pictures if everything and by everything I literally mean EVERYTHING. so here is my snapshot series. If you follow/are subscribed to my YouTube account then you’ll know about this already but if mot then don’t worry. So my idea is once a week I post a picture up on wordpress and Instagram and tumblr. And I want you to come up with a reply to that photo. Emg if I took a picture if a dig you could take one of a bone. Or if I took one of feathers *hunt hint* see what I did there *hint* then you could reply with anything. Whichever is the best picture response will get posted on my wordpress,tumblr,insta and my twitter so may the best picture win.


Twitter: @secretxparade

See You Soon,



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