Getting Over A Crush


So today I thought I’d give you some advice on how to get over a crush. So recently I developed a crush on a boy at my school. I’ve spoken to him a few times and we don’t know each other but he reminds me of a famous person and I know trust me I know how silly my crush is but it happened. So anyways I was talking to my friend and I decided she and I needed to get over our crushes and this is how we did/are doing so…

Number 1) Stop stalking them. Everyone does this, thanks to the magical thing that is the Internet. Everyone stalks (not literally) everyone. I know personally I was tempted to follow my crush on Instagram just so I could see what his latest movements were. I know this sounds stalker but it’s whay everyone does and you shouldn’t. If you wamt to get over a person you shouldn’tconstantly follow their Facebook updates because it’s weird and it means you’ll know what they’re doing which then makes you think/day dream about them and what they tee doing..its just not good ok. So no stalking.

Number 2) Don’t go on their twitter and find out what band or TV show they like so you can watch it and like it to. That’s not how relationships work, yes you should have some things in common but honestly if you have everything and I mean EVERYTHING in common with your significant other, you’d have no interests of your own which means no outside friends no alone time…it’d be boring. So don’t go and change yourself and the things that interest you just to get closer to the guy or girl. -sidenote don’t do that at all- if you have a lot in common already great if not then yeah maybe listen to one or two songs from the band he/she likes but really.the whole album..come on really haven’t you got something better to be doing? ok fair enough

Number 3) Don’t flirt with all of his or her friends. I know that girls especially think if we flirt with the crushes friends then the friends will talk about us and the boy will like us. Nope doesn’t work if the person is a good friend then they would back off and let the friend try and date you etc. Also it mskes you cone actoss as being a bit…*insert negative adjectives here* Besides, if after you’ve flirted with all of the crushes friends, the boy or girl tries to date you then a)they are probably not a good/caring friend and or b) the boy or girl thinks tour easy/an easy target meaning they’ll probably play you.

Number 4) let yourself think about the crush but in a way that let’s you accept you want to get over them. Let me explain, when I remember something embarrassing I immediately mentally kivk myself and try and erase the memory from my head. But by doing that ik not allowing myself to acknowledge that yeah that memory was embarrassing but it’s over and it’s a memory. So when thinking of your crush think ‘yeah they have nice hair but they probably aren’t the right one for me plus he/she tried to break out of school’ haha maybe a tiny bit too far but you see my point right.

Number 5) your friends see warning bells before you do when it comes to your crush. Listen to them. I know believe me I know it’s crap when you tell your friends you like someone and they reply with ‘oh she’s horrible she…’ or ‘yeah don’t date him his bad for you he ….’ but if you have good friends then they are only doing it to try and help you. So if yoir friend says those stuff sbout yoir new crush maybe you shpuld rethink your choice in crushes.That being said take what your friends say with a pinch of salt meaning dint believe absolutely everything they say, they don’t want to see you hurt remember.

Hope I helped a bit if you want another post like this let me know in the comments.


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