I spoke about how I am a sterotypical friend that “we all have” in one of my previous posts but I now I wanted to talk about actual stereotypes and maybe why we have them …

Why do we stereotype people ? Automatically when you see someone you start to analyse them and place them into certain categories “he’s a geek because look at the way he…” “She’s clearly ditzy she didn’t even know …”

Examples of stereotypes …

These are some examples that I found on the web and TV.

British teens: we are either criminals in the making that smoke and drunk massive amounts of alcohol or we are spoilt brats who depend on our parents

Asian teens: are extremely smart, are able to speak and write fluently in a minimum of two languages. They are at to play various instruments and get jobs such as being a doctor or a professor.

French teens: they are rude, cannot speak English and dress like they just walked out of a fashion shoot for vogue magazine

Spanish teens: they get pregnant at young ages and don’t know who the father is, they have a hard time getting by and are often in gangs or know of people who are.

There are loads of stereotypes that go with different countries but the vast majority are not true for example someone in Asia can look like a model and be rude. But they’re from Asia not France so clearly the stereotypes are just there to help you place people and countries into certain groups. Today one of my friends said to me they don’t like when people call other people hipsters. That kind of inspired this post …not sure why but hey why not. Thanks for listening to my babble.


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