Poetry Time

I’m feeling bad for not posting anything but I’ve been soo busy so here’s a few random poem I got bored and wrote.

“Loves” a strong word
“love you,” a strong phrase 
I loved you. Kills 

How to be
Only creates copies
Lethal systems

Equality for all is what I’d say
When asked if I support the gays.
We’re all just people and want to be loved
Therefore I think we’ve had enough.

Teenagers are messed up…
societies made us this way

Students are messed up…
we’re told to be happy we need good grades. Therefore when we fail we believe there’s no hope left for us

Adults are messed up..
We want what we can’t have. Endless circles. Circles

Children are messed up…
The Internets programmed us to think intelligence is irrelevant what we need is to be attractive

Societies messed up…
It’s up to you to fix it

Take me to wonderland.
I think I’d fit in more, as long as I can sit and drink tea all day
Take me to Neverland.
I think I’d have fun, as long as I can fly around and around and ..
Take me to somewhere new.
Why would I want to be here when I could be with you.


Twitter: @secretxparade
Instagram: secretxparade
Tumblr: secretxparade
YouTube: secretxparade

See You Soon,


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