No rules, just love

Miscommunication #1 Music


Hey again,

first of all I have to congratulate Ireland, I nearly cried.

But I want to talke about something different today, I want to talk about music.

I was thinking about this subject while I was watching the Eurovision Song contest (for the first time!) yesterday.

Everybody should love who they want and everybody should hear the music they want to hear. Maybe you know what I’m talking about when I give you an example. A person in my class loved ACDC and Iron Maiden, and he was always encouraging me to hear it. And I did but well, it wasn’t the kind of music I liked.

First of all it was terrible that I didn’t knew the band. The conversation went like this:

A: Hey I love this song from ACDC

B: (ME) Oh, really I don’t know the band can you show them to me?


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