Exams, Dyed Hair and a Really Bad Job.


I know its technically FunnyFriday. And yes, I have been away for soo long (again) yeah I know, I know but listen ok it’s exam season what did you expect. Wait come back I didn’t mean it like that…look I’m just tired ok listen…

FIRSTLY. . .  I decided we didn’t want black hair no no. S wanted blue hair because S thought blue hair would look cool but what S failed to …I’m speaking in the third person. Ok what I failed to realise was my hair was too dark for the electric blue to actually dye my hair. So I now have black hair that looks green in the light. Fun right. No, no not fun. Thankfully my friends said they can’t see the difference wvuch I’m happy about, I’d rather no difference than green hair. Also I don’t know Wether it was because I home dyed it or not but my hairs now super dry which is really annoying. #DamagedMyHair.

Secondly. . . I got a job. Yay me right. Again WRONG. The local select closed down to be refurbished which was great, it meant it would be bigger meaning more clothes…also meaning less money but nevermind. So anyway I applied for a job in the store. And I got the job. However on the first day I spent about 5 hours cleaning and bringing down very very heavy boxes because what I did not know was I was going to help rebuild the store. By this I mean I literally helped clean the store from top to bottom. The other two hours I worked (in that same day) was spent tagging clothes and hanging clothes and making sure the little annoying tassley things on the clothes were actually staying on said clothes. The next day was spent tagging more clothes and dealing with more annoying tassels for eight hours. Eight solid hours of hangers and tassle. Hangers and tassels…followed by a further two hours cleaning the floor. In summary I do not get paid enough to do that. But thankfully on the fifth day of working there the shop finally opened. (On the other three days I just tagged more stock and cleaned more. I also spent two hours tying shoe laces which was…different)

And Lastly. . . It’s exam season and I have ten days (starting Monday) left of school. School, the thing I go to everyday. It’s my life. Its routine. What Will I Do Without Routine?!?! Ok panic over seriously though, this is a big thing I’ve been going to my secondary school for five years, same teachers and faces. Knowing that in ten days (starting Monday) that’ll all change and just be a memory, something that happenED rather than is happenING, it’s pretty hard to comprehend.

All in all its been kinda a rough week but everything will over soon. There’ll be no more exam stress…For now.

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