Am I making a mistake


I’m worried. I got accepted to cherwell and I know what you’re thinking great right? Cherwell is a place for smart people who go on to great unis because they got A’s in their a levels. Cherwell however is not a place for me.

Or at least I don’t think it is. There were over 300 students there in todays and yesterdays induction days. They claim to only end up accepting about 200 if that, which is even more worrying. The school itself is massive, I though the oxford academy was fairly big…This place is huge. So, so far we have 300 students, a massive building and little (ok im not that little but still) me. So I know what you’re thinking “S if you’re that worried don’t go” it’s not that simple. 14 people out of my whole year, got into cherwell, if I turn down my place…it’s a once in a lifetime thing I can’t just say “I’m sorry I’ve made a mistake I do want to come here”  but it’s looking more and more like I may do that.

Life is complicated, teenagers beg to be treated like adults but when they are, we panick and freeze. I don’t understand how the government can expect 15-16 year old’s pick their future pathways especially when we don’t even have our exam grades back yet. For all I know that ‘B’ or ‘A’ I think I’ll get in English could turn out to be a ‘D’ in which case cherwell would not be an option (as you need at least a B in English to do English lit with cherwell) I love my mum, she’s amazing but sometimes I wish shed just tell me what to do and what college or 6th form to go to. But then I guess I’d be saying then he opposite if she actually did. All joking aside I’ve never been told or asked to make major life decisions and this a major life decision. As I’ve said in a previous post, I’ve been doing roughly the same thing for 5 years now for someone to tell me “sorry no you have to leave now” it’s nerve wracking and soul crushing.

Let me know if you have ever or are currently experiencing similar feelings I am right now.

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  1. I can obviously empathise with you dilemma to an extent, however, I have a slightly different view on this whole scenario. Where most see endings I see the beginning of a fresh new chapter. I know I can adapt to and overcome the challenge tertiary education will present: the lack of friends for a while, the meeting new friends and perhaps even enemies. It is daunting, but I know I can overcome it as my start at secondary school was equally daunting. However, when I found my stride in secondary school I began making memories that I’ll treasure forever.


      1. Yeah, from what Ryan told me it was just like TOA. I have been thinking long and hard about my choice of going to the City of Oxford college. I’ve been questioning how different to doing 6th form at the Academy it would be. I mean look how small classes are at TOA, that’s an absolute luxury. I guess the City of Oxford induction day tomorrow will be the real selling point for me and I’m actually really nervous for it tbh.


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