Quality vs Quantity

I was watching youtube yesterday and I came across one of my favorite youtubers latest videos (Will Darbyshire) and the video was called “quality vs quantity” in the video he basically managed to sum up exactly how any person whom creates any type of media for others to see,  often feels. I love blogging and I like reading the comments and interacting with you beautiful people of the web. But its hard creating posts that don’t come across boring. I told another blogger once “don’t make posts you don’t want to read because if you don’t want to what makes you think other people will want to” and that is how I have tried to be however that then cretaes the problem where I them don’t post anything for days and motnhs which is just terrible. So in short I could relate to the video a lot and its understandable as to why “people of the internet “/”content creators” often go lengthy periods of time withowithout creating “content” so I guess what ImI’m trying to say is I’m sorry I havent abandoned you Im just having writwriter’s block. Anlther problem I seem to have is that everyone around me seems to be able to create good posts frequently without any trouble,  which I find amazing. So you should go check out the video if you also struggle with the “quality vs quantity” problem and for an example with frequent high quality posts head over to JMF:The Ferriman chronicles a friend and fellow blogger of mine. Thats all for now have a great sunday.

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