An intriguing thought

The affect we can have on society as a whole and individuals

The Ferriman Chronicle

Greetings Blogverse,

Ok, so I was at the beach yesterday, just walking, I can’t remember where I was heading, but I was walking along the beach front, snaking in and out of a crowd of hundreds of people. I was just admiring the beauty, the majesty of the sea, when a profound thought suddenly entered my mind. I have no idea why I never thought of this before, but as I looked to my front to avoid colliding with members of the endless tourists, I had a thought. Could any of these people contribute to my future?

Now I won’t go into such depth, but I wondered could that middle aged man I almost bumped into be a business owner and potential future employer? Could a future best friend be somewhere in the crowd? Hell, could a future female counter part be in that crowd, but still be a stranger…

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