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Heres a post i wrote a while ago but thought id publish today because of the constant change in weather even though its meant to be summer…

England is known for rain and for most people rain makes their mood go in a negative direction, but for me it has the opposite effect. When talking to one of my friends she told me:

“I hate the rain, it ruins my hair and make up and just puts me in a rubbish mood. There’s nothing nice or fun even about going out and getting soaking wet”

“Use an umbrella” i replied

“No, no because it won’t make a difference, yeah it may keep you dry for about ten minuotes then you start having to fight with it to make it stay in the place that you want it to and it’s just all a hassle”

What my friend didn’t think about is, rain cleanses. If your in a bad mood and the rain comes along rather than thinking

“great now I’m going to get soaked” think “ok rain, this will temporarily get rid of the thing that put me in a bad mood and will put me in a good one”

No I’m not going to get out a banjo and starting singing about peace and love, but I think the rain can really be useful, especially when you have music as well. For example your walking down the road and it starts to rain while your listening to Gabrielle Aplin -panic cord then you can start strumming along to the song whilst having the rain in the background.

Another reason as why rain is awesome is just think about in romantic films when boy meets girl and they fall in love, in most films they end up kissing in the rain. Speaking of doing things in the rain think about George Sampson, robots an others dancing in the rain.

Personally I think rain is amazing…


George Sampson – Britain’s got talent

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