4 F’s


Recently I seem to be finding a few of my old never posted posts so heres another post I wrote about a year ago

I have decided to paint another canvas but I couldn’t think of what to put on is so I decided to split into fours and right Freedom,Faith,Family and Friends. I think I realised that these are the things that mean the most to me.

Freedom,Faith,Family and Friends


So I’m a Christian but when it comes to going to church or subjects alon that line I don’t seem to have time to do much of it but that doesn’t mean my faith and beliefs are not important to me! Without my faith I wouldn’t be me and that is why faith is up there with my other three F’s

Freedom,Faith,Family and Friends


So obviously from my last posts as well I am all about freedom and I mean any time of freedom from slavery to me just being able toake my own opinions. Life is too short to live a life others want me to live so instead of going with the paths others have chosen for me I have decided to put freedom as one of my 4f’s because it is incredibly important to me

Freedom,Faith,Family and Friends


Obviously I would be nothing without the people who raised me and made me the person I am today so clearly they would mean everything to me which they do, your family are the people that are always there for you through thick or thin, wether you’ve done something stupid or incredibly smart they support you and for that I am eternally greatful.

Freedom,Faith,Family and Friends


So again obvious my friends are the people I joke with and count on when I need help. My friends are always there for me and for that again I am so grateful that I have people that can actually put up with my randomness.

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