September, 2015


Long time no see so basically im doing a levels (insert applause here) yep just me and my four a levels..such fun rights..WRONG

I was never good at science or maths so me being the type of person I am I thought it would be a good idea to take sociology,  philosophy and ethics, English literature and history…sensing a theme yet…no well all of those subjects are essay based subjects which means every single day I have a minimum of three essays due in often the next day or the day after that…ok I may be exaggerating every so slightly but in all seriousness no number of gcses or ‘career/future’ talks with my teachers could have prepared me mentally or physically for the new work load I have. this is literally my week

Monday: philosophy and ethics followed by a study period then English th then history.

Tuesday: sociology, English, history and philosophy and ethics followed by a business meeting where in I am the boss…

Wednesday: …lessons and two free periods last lesson where I go home (insert hallelujah’s..)

Thursday:…lessons with one study period and two arts award meetings. then after school violin lessons

Friday: ..lessons with two study periods both of which I now do arts award meetings in..then go home, shower then go exercise with my two(fairly in healthy) male friends..let me just take this second to remind you I am a female so as you can imagine in the space of time it takes them to do eight pushups I have barely done one…not being sexist I know there are loads of fit females out there but I am not one of them…seriously though one push up is hard.

Saturday: work (job) 11-6:30

sunday : work (job) 11-6:30


…im not going to lie and say its terrible and that I hate it because I don’t.(not really) its not all doom honest theres breaks and food and you get a free education at the end of it so I suppose whats not to like.

hope you guys have more ‘free time’ than I do was only when I started doing my a levels that I realised free time isn’t really free at all. its also never really yours..but like I said free education out of it in the end so its worth it.

anyways back to the rest of my September, like I said I started sixth form at Cherwell, a place I never dreamed of being able to get into. I have a job as a waitress. I’m starting a music journalism project for my arts award because why not put the two things I love most together and call it work ha.haha.hahahahaha..ok ill stop. I started learning (re-learning) how to play the violin and im running a jumper business. Yes I am stretching myself pretty thin yes I will probably break soon but oh well for now im ok. ooh I’ve also taken up a science project. This will be a fun two years…

sorry about the chaotic post I haven’t posted in years (ok now I am exaggerating) and thought it was time some new content was up for y’all so enjoy reading about my new start to 6th form x

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