Paper on Words.


Odd little post.I found an old poem I wrote when I was twelve (MONEY) and thought i’d share it with you wonderful people as well as my new poem (Emotion)…enjoy


If I had money I would,

set sail,

see how far I’d get.

Not a care in the world.

Give money to charity;

people say the would do it but don’t.

I would,

buy tickets to see Ed Sheeran, obviously.

Buy my mum the world, she deserves it,

so does my brother


I might buy a cage instead…

trap him haha.

Go to France, then Rome, then Spain

and maybe just maybe set sail again.

I’d tell my friends to meet me at  a place

so we could hire a circus and then an aeroplane

take us to japan to eat sushi

then Switzerland to eat swiss cheese

So in conclusion-

I’d go around the world

and probably be the happiest person


context: I really like swapping characters gender roles, by the I mean rather than the girl being weak, its the boy.


Her: You ok

Him: No I’m

Her:You’re being buried alive.

Him:No that’s not it I’m

Her: You’re  suffocating.

Him: No that’s not it either wait I’m

Her:You’re chocking.

Him:Nearly not quite basically I’m

Her:You’re drowning.

Him:Nope but getting warmer listen I’m

Her:You’re struggling to breathe.

Him: No its not that listen im overwhelmed with emotion and I can’t function. Its like im heavy. My hearts heavy. I need help.


Her: You alright?

Him: No I’m

Her: You’ll be alright.



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