Hello. Im an intern : Music


Guys guess what im officially an intern to this awesome music reviewing site called chickensaredinosaurs, im using it as part of my arts award and im soo excited as i’ll literally just be doing things I love, writing, reviewing, and promoting. The people in charge of the site have been extremely welcoming and understanding (as they know im not a professional or anything and this is my first time doing something like this) but its going to be great and like I’ve said the exact type of work experience I need for both Arts Award and for my future job aspirations. This is just a super brief ‘what im up to post’ but look forward to some of my new work and an ‘October 2015’ post soon. until then ciao for now. If you’d like me to do another So..Hello post with a Halloween twist let me know via the comments or my social medias.

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Twitter: @secretxparade
Twitter: @sianneclovis
Instagram: secretxparade
Tumblr: secretxparade
Instagram: xoosianneoox
Tumblr: secretxparade

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