Piano review 


  A while back I went to see the amazing Sarah Nicolls play a piano ‘inside out’ no don’t get too excited she wasn’t inside out the piano was 😄 it was amazing to watch and fun to touch and listen to the unique piano after so here’s a review of the even for you..  

Sarah Nicolls’ creative story combined with her beautiful pianist talents are enough to make any individual want to go out and buy a piano. After being tasked with turning a regular piano ‘inside out’ Sarah managed to create a new machine, whilst also keeping and improving the simplistic piano sounds we all know and love. Sarah kept the audience’s attention without saying a word but rather, by keeping our eyes fixed on the different Mechanisms she had created, in order for her to play the portable piano at the performance in OCM on Saturday. The show was both interesting and funny, especially when she told the story of looking after her child by using different parts of the piano. It’s hard to understand why other people have not thought to utilise the different parts of the piano like Sarah has. She was extremely friendly and welcoming, encouraging everyone to touch and play the piano she clearly caredabout, all in all the performance was fascinating and very memorable, It was beautiful to hear Sarah’s dream become a tangible reality that she is now able to showcase to the world.

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