Drunk..I mean what: update


So recently I’ve been to a lot of parties and as we all know, teenage parties always involve drink. And by drink I do not mean Ribenna or Pepsi I mean cactus jack and vodka.

Never did I think at aged seventeen that that would be me talking about gender inequalities whilst having just done shots of peach shnappes, vodka and coconut Malibu.  But as we were doing so,looking around the room I felt blessed. Many of my friends after having gone to a different sixth form or college to me, have distanced themselves and although it’s not always anyone’s fault, you feel blessed when you can look around a room and see that you’ve still got some of the people you grew up with and they’re still a part of your life.

in summary I just wanted to say a littlesomething about what its like after leaving secondary school..you’ll still have your friends..well…


p.s sorry America but skins is actually more like the typical British teens life than you think, therefore in my personal opinion (based on what I have seen since starting and being in 6th form) the producers of skins America are very wrong in saying that our depiction of average youth life in England is too far fetched. sincerely S x

See You Soon,





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