Getting into Cambridge


Well firstly ‘I GOT IN’  anyone who has been around my Blog for a while and can do the math will be thinking

But hang on S you’re not old enough to go to university yet…but what ..

You my magnificent friend would be right. I didn’t get into Cambridge university, I got into Cambridge universities summer school. I thought I’d write about it, because I am really happy and feel as though I have accomplished something. Me out of 4,000 other people I know impressive right. Anyway I’m also going to use this post to update you guys on whats been happening recently…

  1. I’m still at Cherwell School and loving it for the most part and exams season starts this month..I know yay..said no one ever.
  2. I’ve moved house (again) although everything is still packed in boxes and roughly everywhere except my bedroom has been painted, the new house still feels like home.
  3. My Guinea Pigs are getting REALLY FAT, for those of you who don’t know I have two Guinea Pigs called : Loki Tubbs and Gatsby Picasso Tubbs (No my last name isn’t Tubbs) and when I first brought them they were very young and also very small. Through months of love and care I am happy to say they are big, round balls of fat and fur.
  4. I haven’t dyed my hair in about 9 months.can you believe that. Despite the black roots creeping through I have left my hair to let it outgrow the purple I had in it before, something I strongly recommend for people who dye their hair or like to dye their hair a lot, to do. Although it’s a long and sometimes tedious process, it can make your hair ten times stronger than it was before.
  5. I completed the science crest with my friend Shauna, (for anyone doing a science crest or thinking of doing one if you need any help at all, don’t hesitate to let me know) I didn’t think Shauna and I could work together as often we’re at each others throats but the project went well and we both received a silver science crest award.
  6. I’ve finished Young Enterprise, after a long year of being the managing director of the group we have finally finished and now it is just the case of dividing the profit up between the member so the group.
  7. I’m changing my guitar (something you might see soon enough)I’ve sanded it down, I’ve changed my strings, all that’s left to do now is paint it, varnish it and I’ll have a new guitar. I wouldn’t recommend doing this without your parents permission, as I’ve had my guitar for over 4 years I felt it could do with some revamping however not all guitars can be sanded down/should be sanded down.
  8. And lastly I’m learning to drive!!! I’ve ordered my provisional, I’ve got the high way code..I’m set. (feel free to give me any advice on driving as at the moment I’m terrified.)

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