Short June Update


I’m great at this blogging thing. In all fairness I have been super busy failing my A Levels and finishing up Young Enterprise. One thing people tell you before starting Sixth form or College is that the work load is a lot more. Ehat they don’t tell you is that if you’re planning on doing all essay based subjects like I am…Not only is the work load triple that of gcse BUT it’s also nearly impossible to do everything the night before. I know many of my friends who take sciences or maths who repeatedly tell me to just leave my work for the morning but with subjects like English (Don’t get me wrong with English you can sort of make stuff up on the spot) and History, a subject more or less impossible to do on the day (something I’ve taken to doing but failed) it’s near enough impossible. Before I get attacked, I am not saying that my essay based subjects are easier or harder I’m just going by my own personal dreadful experiences so far.

I am currently taking:
– History
– English Literature
– Philosophy and Ethics
– Sociology
For a levels so if anyone needs any help or has any advice for me on how to ace A Levels let me know we can help each other out.

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    1. If you need any advice or help just ask. I’m obviously over exaggerating but I did psychology and I’m doing history and English for a2 so I’m semi-experienced. Good luck you’ll be alright

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