I was born and raised in London, and am currently studying in oxford. I love music and helping people out. My aim is to always and only neing doing what I love..easier said than done. You’ll catch glimpses of bits and bobs and photos of the projects I do as well as anything that pops into my head, be it reviews or lyrics. This Blog will grow as I grow and act as a diary of sorts, in the sense that you’ll be hearing and seeing my inner thoughts and feelings plus experiences whatever I decide to post. Stick around.

A tiny bit more about ME

1. sounds really vain “firstly me, its all about me…anyway. I’m a mixture of everything really, I’m sarcastic, funny, understanding… yeah I’m starting to sound vain *yawn* basically I’m a down to earth and nice person. Well I try to be.

2.I love writing, I always have and I always will and a Blog allows you to do exactly that. you have the power to write whatever you want to write (within reason) and that is one of the reasons I created this Blog. Writing enables you to tell a story using words and I don’t want to get all hippie or anything but in all honesty I love writing and having other people hear my story and having them relate to some things and laugh at others.

3. I love meeting new people and connecting, I hope my Blog allows me to connect to people I wouldn’t normally and it helps or entertains others. We all go through tough times and happy times but I hope I can and my Blog can be there for anyone who needs it for any reason.

4. I’m young so naturally I like being heard and often feel like I’m not being heard because people assume I’m too young to know any better (I’m 17 by the way) and by “people” oddly enough I don’t mean my family I mean other adults and even people a few years older than me. So my Blog really helps me when getting my voice heard. I can talk about love,war or politics and know no one will judge my opinion because I’m young they will challenge it for another reason.


 Even More About Me

  1. My favourite colour is purple,
  2. I love Ed Sheeran,The 1975, The Neighbourhood, Panic At The Disco, Rihanna, Coldplay and loads more, music definitely influences my mood as well as just me as a person
  3. I love films especially Tim Burton films.
    My favourite film is alice in wonderland, I also love scott pilgrim vs the world, Suckerpunch and The Imaginarium Of DR Parnassus. ( sensing a reoccurring theme yet?)  There will  be a film review of those films somewhere in my blog soon. happy hunting.
  4. I’m often described as having my head in the clouds and being a bit of a dreamer I guess but I love the thought of escaping to somewhere else (cough cough New York cough) 
  5. I play guitar, ukulele and often sing.. really loud… EVERYWHERE.
     My main goal in life ( a tiny bit selfish I guess) is to be happy. if you don’t die happy then you did something wrong. I want people to know that they always have someone to talk to when they are struggling and that no one will/can live your life but you. so enjoy it and enjoy the blog.

If there is anything else you would like to know just leave a comment and I’ll reply asap


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