So Hello…Part 4¬†


07/09/2017 ITS MY BIRTHDAY

Unlike my other ‘So Hello‘ posts you, my lovely reader you, are going to know exactly who im writing this letter to because…it’s my birthday who else would I be writing to ūüėĀ 


So hello 19 year old me. How are you, hows Malaga…amazing I know 

The fresh air and cloudless skies are all you really need in life but lets get down to business. Youre going to University in under a month and if the holidays taught you anything its that you really need to put all the stresses and strains to one side and just enjoy life whilst you’ve still got one.  

Birthdays are a big deal to you. Not because of the cake and not even the presents but simply because its another marker, another way for the world to tell you you’re getting old and the sooner you accept that, getting older is not a bad thing. And that your life doesn’t end once you get to a certain age I really do believe everything will work out. Granted as I type this I’m layed the worlds comfiest chair right nice to the pool so that could just be chilled me talking. 

Nevertheless, Best wishes and hope to see you again next year. Oh and 



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That’s all folks,

If I don’t return avenge my death.


Film Friday: Whiplash

Hey, I know what you’re thinking..well hello there yes I’m back after a much-needed rest and I’ve cleared my head and have new ideas for this year. New year new Blog, even though I know it’s already one month and two days into the new year but hey why put off something for tomorrow when you can do it today, or whatever that saying is. So for my first day back I would like to review ‘Whiplash’ directed by Damien Chazelle and filmed in NINETEEN DAYS!….because I just watched it (even though it came out in 2014) and already I have a deep love for it so here we go.WHIPLASH_2.indd


First synopsis : Driven by his demanding music teacher, drummer Andrew is determined to succeed as a Jazz musician – even if it destroys his personality

Second Most Notable Cast: The amazing ‘Miles Teller’ and fabulous ‘J.K Simmons’

Third Review: Indie films are always the best films and I’ll tell you why they are always no matter what b-e-a-utiful (you get extra credit if you can tell me where that’s from)¬†You can have a really crap¬†plot or bad acting but¬†they always seem to get the aesthetic, the atmosphere, the look perfect. And whiplash with its intense lighting and great camera action (the amount of blood and sweat you see is enough to make anyone strive to become a drummer and yet at the exact same time make you want to run for the hills) I don’t want to spoil anything..YET… but the film starts off with Andrew (played by Miles Totally-hot Teller) who has dreamt of being ‘One of the Greats’ from the day he could walk – don’t we all. and he finally gets he’s chance when Fletcher (J.K. Stylish Simmons…ok I’ll stop) invites him to join his studio/ensemble of musicians. It’s the equivalent of the cool girl asking you to sit at her table, and things seem to be looking up but quickly go down hill from there. Now 000036.2771.Whiplash_still1_JKSimmons_.JPGwhy I love this film, its gripping, you go through what Andrew goes through and it’s heart-breaking the amount of hard…HARD.. im taking blood sweat and tears he puts in only to fall right back to square one leaves you on the edge of your seat, yet oddly not dissatisfied..I don’t know maybe you saw it coming.

Fourth Review maybe SPOILERS: It’s not action packed so if transformers and G.I Joe is your thing then maybe this isn’t the film for you..hey i’m not judging I like those films to I just know there’s a time and place and this time, if you’re into Chicago or just in it for the aesthetic feel then hop right in. Andrew goes through so much in a total of¬† 1 hour and 46 minutes from his family not taking his drumming seriously to going home and drumming until his hands are literally blistered and bleeding..yeah not a pretty site. And¬†he really¬†pushed the boat out when he got into a car crash and straight after gets up disoriented and attempts to drum at the prestigious competition, is there anything he wont do to drum..well no actually as he proves¬†throughout the film countless times through¬†his bloody drumming hands. Despite the fact that¬†the ending is ambiguous – does he go onto become a drummer or does he go back home and back to his new job. Despite not knowing what our protagonist goes on to do, you’re not annoyed but rather relieved to see that in that one moment he was happy having done what he loved.

Thats all folks,

If I don’t return avenge my death.