Completing my Bucket list #1: The stranger

So after creating my BUCKET LIST page, the next day (Saturday) I thought  of how I’m going to complete it. I went shopping got some stuff but then I got off the bus to hand my cv into G&D only to find out that they want you to apply online. So after feeling slightly annoyed I got some chips and waited for a bus. At the bus stop was one other person and as I sat there eating my chips I thought to myself ‘I’m going to talk to him’ Because if you didn’t know it says on my Bucket List have a meaningful conversation with a stranger. So I did. And this is roughly part of the conversation we had

Me: would you like a chip?(while offering them nearly drop them)

Him: No thanks

Me: you try to do something nice and nearly end up dropping your food.

–moment of silence–

Him: I’ve never been offered a chip before

Me: well I created a Bucket List the other day and on it, it says do something nice for a stranger so I thought why not.

Him: oh ok so what else is on the list?

Me: Oh loads of stuff go to paris, new York, japan…

Him: All the cheap stuff then (laughs)

Me:(laughs) I’m young I can be naïve

–Moment of silence–

Me: so hows your day been?

Him: Good I haven’t done much just went shopping and went to Uni you?

Me: Not much. I got off the bus to hand my cv in at G&D but you have to apply online so I got off the bus for nothing. What do you study at Uni?

Him: well im training to become a police officer. Its part of my Uni course to once a week volunteer.

Me: what made you decide to do that?

Him: well im originally from south Hampton and there its harder for you to work in the police so I thought why not move to here and study. How long do you have to wait for your Bus?

Me: Well the sign up there says 5 minutes. When did you now that was what you wanted to do?

Him: Ever since I was seven I guess I’ve just always wanted to do it.

—Bus arrives–

Me: Wow that’s young. Anyway Bye That’s my bus.

Him: Bye

(The bus driver didn’t let me on because I was eating hot food so I sat back down on the Bus stop bench)

Him: What happened?

Me: He didn’t let me on because I was eating. Oh well he didn’t seem very happy anywyas

Him: Yeah they never are really

–Bus arrives–

Him: Oh look theres your bus

(I close the lid of the chips)

Me: I’ve learnt from my mistakes

Him: (Laughs) Bye

Me: Bye

So if you read that conversation you’re probably thinking it wasn’t very meaningful at all but I’m just proud of myself for having taken the time to be nice to someone. I think it would have been very easy for me to have just taken my phone out and played music but having a random conversation with a person you had never met before, that to me is on something to be proud of which is exactly why I want you all to do it. Maybe if you don’t like talking to people, don’t try someone you don’t know completely maybe try someone you haven’t seen in a long time but try it because you leave feeling like a better person because you did something you wouldn’t (or at least I wouldn’t) have normally done.

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