Completing My Bucket List #3 : Anchor


As you may or may not know I have a bucket list on this site on one of the other pages that I have been trying to complete now for about a year and I’m getting there little by little. So today I wanted to cross off get a tattoo because I have one. That’s right I’m 17 and I have this bad boy   

On September 4th 2015 I got an anchor ( a couple days before my birthday) and I’m going to be honest…it didn’t hurt one but. It felt as though someone had gotten a warm needle and was gently scratching at my skin..which he was.  Although the tattoo doesn’t hold any immediate significance, I love it and significance can be applied to it. For example strength,stability, a wish to travel but stay rooted to your home. (What it represents for me) speaking of which my anchor is one of my checkpoints, it makes me believe I am one step closer to travelling than I was before. 

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If I don’t return, avenge my death.



Ok so no I’m fine still in education, but I wanted to be a typical teenaged Magcon loving girl for a post. Just once I promise so I watched EXPELLED, which is a film starring : Cameron Dallas, Andrea Russett and Lia Marie Johnson.

Cameron : plays the main character Felix whom struggles with following the rules,
Andrea : plays Felix’s ex-girlfriend, as they broke up on bad terms she tries to make his life worse however possible
Lia : plays Felix’s newly acquainted friend. They meet after he orders pizza and she delivers it.
I thought it was going to be pretty bad but it turned out to be amazing. The characters are relatable and you end up having sympathy for Felix as well as admiring him for the actions he makes to get him where he wants to be. The film starts off with your every day rebellious teen being kicked out of school (hence the title Expelled) and you follow felix and his friends on their attempt to keep his parents from finding out about the expulsion and from sending him to a strict school far away, where his rebellious/idiotic brother goes. Felix’s brother ben like Felix, had done a lot of bad things when he was Felix’s age and because of that, and creating a fake report card, he was sent to the strict school. The character Ben is funny and reminds me a lot of an early Jim Carrey. When he tries to help his brother Felix out, it often all goes wrong but the film is funny and the relationships between the characters are interesting to watch.
I know many  people would/will love it because it features some well known viners and youtubers. so in summary you should definitely go and watch it and a link will be below of a site you should be able to watch it. The film is one of the first to be produced by awesomenesstv which is a youtube site that enables loads of different youtubers to host challenges and just random bits and bob so AwesomenessTv is another thing you should check out in your spare time.

Theres a trailer further down and heres the link to the actual film, online and free is also below. Enjoy and let me know what you think of it.

Lots Of Love,