So Hello…Part 3


12/10/2015 (dates important :))

Like my other two ‘So Hello’ posts im not telling you who it is until the end but see if you can guess.


So Hello,

Wow you’re all grown up. see whats confusing is that you were once so fragile and now look at you. trust me you’ve changed, you cant see it but I can. Y’kno I still hate how smart you are, youre waay ahead of the game and its not fair its like I was the prototype and youre the final model but its alright because you deserve the best. I wish I could give you all of my knowledge (not that you’d need it) and tell you the world is a great place to live in but like I said youre too smart for that. Too wise. You can be whoever you want to be don’t let anyone stop you and never doubt yourself. im so proud to have seen you grow, it may seem like I hate you from time to time but honestly you our the sun and sometimes I wonder where I’d be without you. I know not everything goes your way and you hate that im older but it’ll be ok, you know im here to support you.

We’re a team you and I, we’re not like the others..we’re a team. I love how much influence I have over you. when I ask you who your favourite band is and you say Panic at the disco. Or when I ask you what your favourite anime is and you say Tokyo ghoul, it makes me smile because I know I did that. We need to carry on watching angel beats together it was so much fun last time. I miss all the time we spent together when we we’re younger…theres no time now. I still love you though. even though you’re older now im still going to treat you the same because you are the’re never going to change in my eyes, you’ll always be that happy little kid I always knew.

Happy Birthday, I hope one day all your wishes come true.

Lots of love from Si (your big sister) xxxx


If you haven’t guessed already this post was my way of saying a massive happy birthday to my now 13 year old brother, he is one of the best things in my life and im so proud of him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALE.

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August, 2015


I know yes I disappeared yet again but hey ik back and here with a new soon to be feature post for my blog. (A monthly update post)

So September is here the month that every child,tween and teen hates but before I get into that let me explain what I’d been doing in August…

I got some pretty good results enough for me to do what I want in Cherwell which I’m really happy about considering I was extremely confused on whether to go or not so guys I’m going to Cherwell for 6th form yaaay…

Yes I am 16 and yes I got a tattoo of an amazing little anchor and no I will not and do not regret it…in summary I love it and it gives me hope.

I went to fusion festival and it was BRILLIANT. I saw Ed Sheeran, Tinie Tempah, DJ Fresh, Fuse ODG, Rixton, Aston Merrygold and Luke Friend. Going to a festival for the first time and seeing your idol(s) on a massive screen is just a completely different feeling. But when you then look to your left and see that the actual person, the person whose songs you’ve been obsessing over for the past couple of years…you see them..your heart well my heart explodes with joy.

That’s right I found a job at a nice little cafe. Its nice having a job that you like and working with people you like. The only down part is I can’t wear nail polish in case I get it in the food but hey I can live with that.

My friends and I decided to take a trip down to Weymouth. Although it was raining we still ended eating chips on the pier. We also managed to go swimming at a hotel swimming pool and use their sauna, jaccuzi and steam room all for £6. All in all a pretty good day!

So along with a few other bits that’s been my August. Stay tuned for my next monthly updates.

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So Hello … Part 1

Todays topic in blogging101 is to write to your dream reader and I can’t tell you how much I actually love this idea. I watched a video yesterday and a comment about frogs made me want to write this post instead. So I’m writing a letter to you.


So hello,

You, yes you hey I’ve actually been waiting for you to drop by, and I was patient and now here you are. So firstly how are you? good I hope. I don’t know you yet and you don’t know me YET but you will. You might have brown hair or blonde hair, oh I have brown hair although you know that, or at least you will. You should know that I’m extremely sarcastic and I constantly have my head in the clouds, I feel like you’ll be the same. You’re smart and you know I’m always right, you know me better than I do, and visa versa. You’ll have little annoying habits like biting your nails or whistling. But I’ll put up with them as long as you put up with my constant singing and the way I strum my guitar when I get annoyed. We’ll spend countless hours having dinner, talking and just passing the time. We both love Chinese food and the supernatural and you’ll want to explore, travel and try new things with me. Your funny, enthusiastic and passionate about a certain things. We love music and go to the cinema at least once a month. You judge me because I drink a lot of herbal tea but I tell you that its much better than coffee. . Although I don’t know who you are or where you are yet, there’s comfort in knowing you are out there. So keep an eye out for a clumsy girl and I’ll see you soon…

P.S  Its not like I’ll get jealous or anything, but umm try not to date too many people…


So if you haven’t already guessed that was a letter to my future boyfriend/husband, I couldn’t get the idea out of my head for some reason so I just decided to run with it. I hope you find the post both humours and sweet if not then leave a comment saying ” Gooey much?” but in all seriousness I’ll be doing another one of these soon , If you want me to write about a certain subject let me know

See You Soon x,