Completing My Bucket List #3 : Anchor


As you may or may not know I have a bucket list on this site on one of the other pages that I have been trying to complete now for about a year and I’m getting there little by little. So today I wanted to cross off get a tattoo because I have one. That’s right I’m 17 and I have this bad boy   

On September 4th 2015 I got an anchor ( a couple days before my birthday) and I’m going to be honest…it didn’t hurt one but. It felt as though someone had gotten a warm needle and was gently scratching at my skin..which he was.  Although the tattoo doesn’t hold any immediate significance, I love it and significance can be applied to it. For example strength,stability, a wish to travel but stay rooted to your home. (What it represents for me) speaking of which my anchor is one of my checkpoints, it makes me believe I am one step closer to travelling than I was before. 

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