Film Friday: Whiplash

Hey, I know what you’re thinking..well hello there yes I’m back after a much-needed rest and I’ve cleared my head and have new ideas for this year. New year new Blog, even though I know it’s already one month and two days into the new year but hey why put off something for tomorrow when you can do it today, or whatever that saying is. So for my first day back I would like to review ‘Whiplash’ directed by Damien Chazelle and filmed in NINETEEN DAYS!….because I just watched it (even though it came out in 2014) and already I have a deep love for it so here we go.WHIPLASH_2.indd


First synopsis : Driven by his demanding music teacher, drummer Andrew is determined to succeed as a Jazz musician – even if it destroys his personality

Second Most Notable Cast: The amazing ‘Miles Teller’ and fabulous ‘J.K Simmons’

Third Review: Indie films are always the best films and I’ll tell you why they are always no matter what b-e-a-utiful (you get extra credit if you can tell me where that’s from) You can have a really crap plot or bad acting but they always seem to get the aesthetic, the atmosphere, the look perfect. And whiplash with its intense lighting and great camera action (the amount of blood and sweat you see is enough to make anyone strive to become a drummer and yet at the exact same time make you want to run for the hills) I don’t want to spoil anything..YET… but the film starts off with Andrew (played by Miles Totally-hot Teller) who has dreamt of being ‘One of the Greats’ from the day he could walk – don’t we all. and he finally gets he’s chance when Fletcher (J.K. Stylish Simmons…ok I’ll stop) invites him to join his studio/ensemble of musicians. It’s the equivalent of the cool girl asking you to sit at her table, and things seem to be looking up but quickly go down hill from there. Now 000036.2771.Whiplash_still1_JKSimmons_.JPGwhy I love this film, its gripping, you go through what Andrew goes through and it’s heart-breaking the amount of hard…HARD.. im taking blood sweat and tears he puts in only to fall right back to square one leaves you on the edge of your seat, yet oddly not dissatisfied..I don’t know maybe you saw it coming.

Fourth Review maybe SPOILERS: It’s not action packed so if transformers and G.I Joe is your thing then maybe this isn’t the film for you..hey i’m not judging I like those films to I just know there’s a time and place and this time, if you’re into Chicago or just in it for the aesthetic feel then hop right in. Andrew goes through so much in a total of  1 hour and 46 minutes from his family not taking his drumming seriously to going home and drumming until his hands are literally blistered and bleeding..yeah not a pretty site. And he really pushed the boat out when he got into a car crash and straight after gets up disoriented and attempts to drum at the prestigious competition, is there anything he wont do to drum..well no actually as he proves throughout the film countless times through his bloody drumming hands. Despite the fact that the ending is ambiguous – does he go onto become a drummer or does he go back home and back to his new job. Despite not knowing what our protagonist goes on to do, you’re not annoyed but rather relieved to see that in that one moment he was happy having done what he loved.

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Completing My Bucket List #3 : Anchor


As you may or may not know I have a bucket list on this site on one of the other pages that I have been trying to complete now for about a year and I’m getting there little by little. So today I wanted to cross off get a tattoo because I have one. That’s right I’m 17 and I have this bad boy   

On September 4th 2015 I got an anchor ( a couple days before my birthday) and I’m going to be honest…it didn’t hurt one but. It felt as though someone had gotten a warm needle and was gently scratching at my skin..which he was.  Although the tattoo doesn’t hold any immediate significance, I love it and significance can be applied to it. For example strength,stability, a wish to travel but stay rooted to your home. (What it represents for me) speaking of which my anchor is one of my checkpoints, it makes me believe I am one step closer to travelling than I was before. 

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Piano review 


  A while back I went to see the amazing Sarah Nicolls play a piano ‘inside out’ no don’t get too excited she wasn’t inside out the piano was 😄 it was amazing to watch and fun to touch and listen to the unique piano after so here’s a review of the even for you..  

Sarah Nicolls’ creative story combined with her beautiful pianist talents are enough to make any individual want to go out and buy a piano. After being tasked with turning a regular piano ‘inside out’ Sarah managed to create a new machine, whilst also keeping and improving the simplistic piano sounds we all know and love. Sarah kept the audience’s attention without saying a word but rather, by keeping our eyes fixed on the different Mechanisms she had created, in order for her to play the portable piano at the performance in OCM on Saturday. The show was both interesting and funny, especially when she told the story of looking after her child by using different parts of the piano. It’s hard to understand why other people have not thought to utilise the different parts of the piano like Sarah has. She was extremely friendly and welcoming, encouraging everyone to touch and play the piano she clearly caredabout, all in all the performance was fascinating and very memorable, It was beautiful to hear Sarah’s dream become a tangible reality that she is now able to showcase to the world.

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MusicMonday .6 Review

Today im doing something a little different *drum roll please’ its a music review for the band : ‘The Velvet Teen’

If “counting Crows” and “Paramore” had a music baby it would be The Velvet Teen…

The indie rock band from sunny California have vocals that could often put you to a sleep, whether you’re listening  to  their chilled out song “All is Illusory” or its their upbeat “GTra”  They provide the ideal music for travel and road trips. The Trio had been rock underdogs since 2006, until their new fourth album and song  ‘All is illusory.’ The album creates a very relaxed atmosphere for any listen, whilsy the song,takes you to another place making people dream of a better and different world. The beautiful vocals of Judah Nagler are blissfully accompanied by the slow paced playing of a piano.

Their songs “eclipses” and “you were the first” takes drumming to the next level, featuring various beats,sounds and riffs it  is enough to kick start any private jamming bobbing session. “The giving in” has similar sounds as other popular  artists such as “Muse” and with the  juxtaposition of Naglers relaxed vocals to the upbeat yet drumming. The overall feel of the album is calming and deep, after hearing “Manifest” it’s safe to say the band is not short of instruments to use in their songs, similarly  to their song “sonreo” where again the band showcase their endless talent showcasing vocals,drums and electronics. The 90’s inspired band provide music for the indie, grunge crowd.

Their song “pecos” is a little chaotic and I personally think “Taken over” is a tad too ‘whiny’ and miserable although it suits the band and has its place in the album. Those are the only two songs on the album that I did not replay over eight times, therefore meaning  the album as a whole is great for whether you’re feeling down or you just need to escape the world for a while.

Of the album the two songs to definitely look out for are “the giving in”  …..and “All is illusory”  some say the song is chilling and ghostly due to the frequent echoing, however the chilled feel comes from the lack of any other instruments to act as a distractration to the listener. The lack of other instruments, as well as Naglers calming voice provide an honest feel to the song which is also echoed in the lyrics Nagler sings, for example “your eyes gave you away… to lose track of time with you and I’d run away” Nagler gives a fresh chilled tone and feeling to your stereotypical love songs.

And with lyrics such as, “Like a lock of hair I keep you close to me” what’s not to love?

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How Rude… Im English


So I was casually outside,  in town and I heard/saw a woman singing opera songs. Now for Oxford that’s pretty weird. I decided to sit down and film it,  well a non creepy way. After about a minute the opera woman started to attract a small crowd and amoung the crowd was a evil middle aged woman. Ok let me explain…

Firstly she looked at me evilly for filming the opera singer, even though other people were also filming her.

Secondly check out this conversation between her and I,  she was stood on my right and the wind was blowing from the right, she was smoking:
ME: excuse me,  sorry but could you possibly smoke on the other side,  its just that the winds blowing this way and the smokes blowing into my face.

HER: No I can smoke where I goddam like. *insert more evil looks* you don’t belong in this bloody country anyway,  if you don’t like it leave.

Guys I’m quite a polite person so naturally I didn’t say anything back to that remark but how can someone in this day and age have the nerve to tell someone else they don’t belong here. I was born in England, London and moved to Oxford at the age of 9… I’m probably more British than she is,  however as I’m not white she assumes ” I don’t belong in this country (England) ” now I could sort of understand if she were 80 and “set in her ways” not that an 80 year old telling me I don’t belong here would hurt less, but the woman wasn’t,  this woman could not have been older than 40.

And thirdly,  second hand smoking is just as bad as smoking (I’m not judging people who do) if you are standing next to anyone be it a child,  an adult,  an elderly person or an alien its common courtesy to move if you are smoking. Its not that hard to do and just shows other people that you are actually capable of caring about your fellow human beings.

Let me know what you think

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Completing my Bucket list #1: The stranger

So after creating my BUCKET LIST page, the next day (Saturday) I thought  of how I’m going to complete it. I went shopping got some stuff but then I got off the bus to hand my cv into G&D only to find out that they want you to apply online. So after feeling slightly annoyed I got some chips and waited for a bus. At the bus stop was one other person and as I sat there eating my chips I thought to myself ‘I’m going to talk to him’ Because if you didn’t know it says on my Bucket List have a meaningful conversation with a stranger. So I did. And this is roughly part of the conversation we had

Me: would you like a chip?(while offering them nearly drop them)

Him: No thanks

Me: you try to do something nice and nearly end up dropping your food.

–moment of silence–

Him: I’ve never been offered a chip before

Me: well I created a Bucket List the other day and on it, it says do something nice for a stranger so I thought why not.

Him: oh ok so what else is on the list?

Me: Oh loads of stuff go to paris, new York, japan…

Him: All the cheap stuff then (laughs)

Me:(laughs) I’m young I can be naïve

–Moment of silence–

Me: so hows your day been?

Him: Good I haven’t done much just went shopping and went to Uni you?

Me: Not much. I got off the bus to hand my cv in at G&D but you have to apply online so I got off the bus for nothing. What do you study at Uni?

Him: well im training to become a police officer. Its part of my Uni course to once a week volunteer.

Me: what made you decide to do that?

Him: well im originally from south Hampton and there its harder for you to work in the police so I thought why not move to here and study. How long do you have to wait for your Bus?

Me: Well the sign up there says 5 minutes. When did you now that was what you wanted to do?

Him: Ever since I was seven I guess I’ve just always wanted to do it.

—Bus arrives–

Me: Wow that’s young. Anyway Bye That’s my bus.

Him: Bye

(The bus driver didn’t let me on because I was eating hot food so I sat back down on the Bus stop bench)

Him: What happened?

Me: He didn’t let me on because I was eating. Oh well he didn’t seem very happy anywyas

Him: Yeah they never are really

–Bus arrives–

Him: Oh look theres your bus

(I close the lid of the chips)

Me: I’ve learnt from my mistakes

Him: (Laughs) Bye

Me: Bye

So if you read that conversation you’re probably thinking it wasn’t very meaningful at all but I’m just proud of myself for having taken the time to be nice to someone. I think it would have been very easy for me to have just taken my phone out and played music but having a random conversation with a person you had never met before, that to me is on something to be proud of which is exactly why I want you all to do it. Maybe if you don’t like talking to people, don’t try someone you don’t know completely maybe try someone you haven’t seen in a long time but try it because you leave feeling like a better person because you did something you wouldn’t (or at least I wouldn’t) have normally done.

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Ok so no I’m fine still in education, but I wanted to be a typical teenaged Magcon loving girl for a post. Just once I promise so I watched EXPELLED, which is a film starring : Cameron Dallas, Andrea Russett and Lia Marie Johnson.

Cameron : plays the main character Felix whom struggles with following the rules,
Andrea : plays Felix’s ex-girlfriend, as they broke up on bad terms she tries to make his life worse however possible
Lia : plays Felix’s newly acquainted friend. They meet after he orders pizza and she delivers it.
I thought it was going to be pretty bad but it turned out to be amazing. The characters are relatable and you end up having sympathy for Felix as well as admiring him for the actions he makes to get him where he wants to be. The film starts off with your every day rebellious teen being kicked out of school (hence the title Expelled) and you follow felix and his friends on their attempt to keep his parents from finding out about the expulsion and from sending him to a strict school far away, where his rebellious/idiotic brother goes. Felix’s brother ben like Felix, had done a lot of bad things when he was Felix’s age and because of that, and creating a fake report card, he was sent to the strict school. The character Ben is funny and reminds me a lot of an early Jim Carrey. When he tries to help his brother Felix out, it often all goes wrong but the film is funny and the relationships between the characters are interesting to watch.
I know many  people would/will love it because it features some well known viners and youtubers. so in summary you should definitely go and watch it and a link will be below of a site you should be able to watch it. The film is one of the first to be produced by awesomenesstv which is a youtube site that enables loads of different youtubers to host challenges and just random bits and bob so AwesomenessTv is another thing you should check out in your spare time.

Theres a trailer further down and heres the link to the actual film, online and free is also below. Enjoy and let me know what you think of it.

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